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Balsa Wood info in Construction

Le 12 octobre 2013, 08:57 dans Lifestyle 1

Even there are several wood materials avialable in today's construction marekt,there is no deny that balsa wood is the best construction material these day. If you are looking for wood materials in the market,it is very necessary for you to pay more attention on balsa wood.

In our daily life,we often can see this kind of balsa wood in construction everywhere. However,we don't know its specific name. In fact,this kind of light wood in construction often be used to make buliding or bridge models,because of its excellent features,such as light,durable,soft,easy to process and so on,in fact,these features make it become the best choice to do building models. Most of architects and students like to use this kind of soft wood to make building,plane models. If you also want to buy this kind wood to make some models,then you'd better know some basic information about it to help you choose suitable wood. Here are some basic information about it to help you know more.

In the first place,the quick details about this kind of balsa wood in construction. Its place of origin is China and its type belongs other timer. What's more,its model number is 1000X100X50mm. In a general way,its density is 80-160KG/M3. It has two colors,one is white and the other is no scar. If you want to buy this kind of wood in construction to make building models,then you should pay more attention on its packaging detail. Generally speaking,its bandle size always like 40X40X100cm,two layer of carton box inside,foam plastic outside. In fact,this kind of woods specially fit for export transport.

In the second place,the product specifications about this kind of balsa wood in construction. This kind of wood in construction will be processed into balsa sheet,balsa stick and balsa block as per customer's requirements,so you should see these information carefully. This kind of wood sheet has good color and vein. In a general way,they are import from South American and have competitive price. If you want to buy this kind of wood from our company,then we will offer free sample to you.

In the third place,the details about the supplier of this kind balsa wood in construction. Our company is a professional manufacturer in processing balsa woo with several years experience. In fact,we always import this kind light wood from Ecuador and control its quality in strictly conditions all the time. In addition,no matter where are you and how many products you buy,we will offer you with free shipping and after-sale service.

So,it is no need to doubt its quality,because our products are of superior quality in 3A rank. Of course,we will offer you competitive price,at the same time,we always stick to the principle of "less profit is more sales". If you have any question about this kind of balsa wood in construction,then you can leave your specific information on my website,then we will reply your question as soon as possible. Now,you can choose suitable wood from us. Good luck to you.Find more related products information in

End Grain Balsa is a highly processed ultra light balsa wood product

Le 5 octobre 2013, 07:45 dans Lifestyle 0

End Grain Balsa is a highly processed ultra light balsa wood product, and it has imparts impressive strength and stiffness to the sandwich panel. We offer End Grain Balsa which is high resistance to crushing, and is very difficult to tear apart. You can get the best end grain balsa in our company.

End Grain Balsa Features:
Aircraft : used as a laminboard
Model: such as plane, boat and car
Fishing : fishing buoy
Industry: wind blade
Sports: such as tennis bat and surf board
Art and craft
Mould: FRP mould
Others: pronunciation board, sculpture, floor board, overlaid board and etc.

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How to Make a Simple Craft Box of Balsa Wood?

Le 21 septembre 2013, 10:52 dans Lifestyle 0

It is considered that balsa wood is the popular wood which could be used for crafts. It is light and it is soft. Thereby, the makers could carve the wood easily and safely. So if you want to create a simple craft balsa box, the balsa wood be your best choice. The box could be used to contain your private items and you could have fun during the production process.

You need to prepare enough tools before starting the task. Balsa sheets, steel ruler, pencil, wood glue and craft knife would be able to help you simplify the task. First, you could carve the frame of the box. Use the T-square and the knife, it would not be difficult to carve four rectangular pieces. The pieces should have the same height and when is comes to the length, you need to make your decision according to your requirements.

Then you could assemble the pieces together with wood glue. You could hold the pieces together with the tapes until the glue become dry. And the frame of the box has been made now. According the frame, you could determine the size of the bottom and the top of the box. In order to make the task easier, you could place the frame on the surface of the balsa sheet. The use the pencil to record the side of the frame. With the craft knife, you could carve along with the recorded lines.

In order to obtain a better result, you could apply glue to the frame and then assemble it with the bottom. If you apply glue to the bottom piece, you may spray too much glue. When it comes to the assembling of the top, it would be a little complicated. You could use the epoxy to attach the hinges and finally, you could attach the lid.

In the end, in order to make the craft box made from balsa wood more charmful, you could use the sandpaper to sand the surface to make it more smooth. But you should control your strength since too much strength would damage the structure of the box. And if you could not find the large balsa sheets to make the bottom and the lid of the box, you could try to use other materials instead, such as the hard paper or other items.

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